Billings Police

Is Billings Getting Too Dangerous?
I truly believe that we are in no more danger than any other city in this country but it seems there are more things that are happening here that are becoming more strange.
This week Billings Police rescued a woman that was being held against her will for 11 days...
Law Enforcement Talking On Phones
Today's topic is a combinations of last week's "pet peeves" and today's on air topic, should not wearing be a primary offense, that you could be pulled over for.
When our city council passed the "No talking on your cellphone while driving" law, they …
One Stupid Hit and Run in Billings [Opinion]
Hit and runs are some of the most ridiculous things a person can do. My wife had this happen to her when we lived in Memphis and they never found the person that hit her. Quite frustrating considering my insurance company and I had to pay for all of the repairs...

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