One Hour, You Can Talk With Anyone…
From historical figures to relatives or even people of power and many more, most of us have those thoughts that if we could take just one hour to have a conversation with a particular person, dead or alive, we would.
Is Your Kid Lying?
I think all of have been in s situation where we wondered if our child was lying to us. Have you ever wondered how you can detect if they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes?
Your Life Movie, Who Is Playing You?
My wife has been getting into these life movie shows lately. You know, movies about actual people and what their life was about. Stuff like that. I honestly don't know if she is on a history kick or diving into self improvement.
What Do You Want From Your Faucet?
We were sitting down to dinner last night when one of my sons said something that I had once thought of. He said he wished he could turn on our kitchen sink and have Root Beer come out. I told him that I agreed but would much rather have Mountain Dew.

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