British Supervillains Drive Jags in Super Bowl 2014 Commercial
We agree with Sir Ben Kingley's sentiment in this Jaguar Super Bowl 2014 commercial that British actors are always being typecast as villains in Hollywood. Luckily, he's brought two other British actors who are also synonymous for playing villains to help prove a point -- that British supervillains …
Audi Unleashes Doberhuahua in Super Bowl 2014 Commercial
Audi is known for being among the big three of German luxury automakers, so it makes sense that they would go all out in the latest of leaked Super Bowl 2014 commercials. This car commercial features an animal revving through the streets that is as pretty as it is powerful. It's cute, it's…
Hopefest Mattress Racing
Last week I was invited by Livin' Large Larry to help push our mattress in the mattress races which was part of the Hopefest fundraising drive for the Montana Rescue Mission. What a great time! Everyone decorates their "racer" which looks like a little race car...
Somebody Has Finally Built ‘The Homer’ Car
The Porcubimmer racing team has built a real-life version of Homer Simpson's dream car (and failed attempt at auto design), The Homer. The car will race at the Buttonwillow Raceway in California this weekend in the 24 Hours of LeMons race -- an endurance race for cars that cost less than $500.
10 Awesomely Creative Cars We Wish We Had
Besides being vital components in most of our lives, cars can be really awesome creative canvases. Even though not everyone is into all that complicated, fancy shmancy car decor, there's a big chance these weirdly awesome cars could change your mind.
A Car That Steers For You When It Senses Danger
This fall Nissan announced that they developed new technology with cameras and radar that senses dangerous situations and tells the driver exactly what to do to avoid the hazard. If the driver fails to act in time the car takes over and handles the steering and braking duties...

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