Chris Stapleton Presale Link And Password
We can't wait to see this guy at MetraPark and we know there are plenty of you who can't wait to by tickets! Here's a chance to get yours early, before they officially go on sale tomorrow morning.
Old Dominion Coming To The Shrine Auditorium
Old Dominion is pretty new in the country music world, but they have definitely come out of the gate strong with hits like "Song For Another Time", "No Such Thing As A Broken Heart", "Snapback" and "Written In The Sand"
Bob Seger Is Coming
So, if you listen to our show, you'll already know about my list. It's a list of people that I want to see in concert before either they or I depart this world.
The act at number one for many years was Paul McCartney, But, I got to see him in Missoula a few years ago...
Foo Fighters Are Coming To Billings
This will be the bands first time in Billings, Montana but we'll be ready to rock!
The show is at MetraPark on December 9th and is part of their late Fall tour to help promote their new album Concrete and Gold which will be released to the public September 15...
Random Oak Ridge Boys Info
The mighty Oak Ridge Boys play Alberta Bair tonight and I'm excited to see them.
All 4 guys combined are 275 years old. Seriously. Joe Bonsall is the youngest at 69 and William Lee Golden is 78. Golden is the one that left the group in 87 and returned in 95...
What I’m Looking For At Concerts
I'm going to see Garth this weekend, but I'm dreading the lines for everything from entry, to buying refreshments, to the bathroom. But, I want to see the show, so I'm going.
And the thing about it is, he's not even really one of my "top 10" artists, but his show…
Concert Tickets
I brought in a few of my old ticket stubs this morning. I was curious about some dates that some folks did some shows and what those tickets used to cost.
The Garth ticket was from his concert in July of 98. Cost of that ticket was $ 22...
Random Thoughts On Garth Brooks
In case you haven't heard, Garth Brooks is coming to Billings for a concert in June at Metra. Of course, Trisha Yearwood is coming along.
We gave away a set of concert tickets already this morning. And we have more concert tickets to give away...
Dierks Bentley
One of my pet peeves is when people whine and complain that "Billings never gets any GOOD concerts". And when we do actually get a bigger act, those same complainers will say "I'm not paying that much for a ticket". Grrr.
Well, this Saturday, Billings gets one…
What Concert Are You Willing To Pay A Decent Amount To See?
Annnnnnnnd, the complaints have already started. Pat Benatar and Melissa Ethridge were announced as performers for the fair in August. And, already on Facebook, I'm seeing negative comments.
"How come we never get anybody good?"  My question is generally turned into an argument which always…

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