End of Summer

Wrap Up Weekend
Goodbye summer. This weekend for me is mow the grass real short, roll up and put away the hoses, clean the garage, and stow all of that patio furniture that we never used all summer for one, single BBQ.
Another summer gone by without doing a bunch of the things we wanted to...
Where Did Summer Go?
Labor day is only 25 days away, kids are getting ready to go back to school, and it was 30 degrees in West Yellowstone today.  Where did summer go?
My uncle always said age is like toilet paper, the longer it's there the quicker it goes...
The End Of Summer
Labor Day Weekend seems like it's the end of your opportunity to do those summer things that you meant to get accomplished during THIS summer.
I'm never sad when mowing season is over, but I haven't had the 4 wheelers loaded up nearly enough times...
Is Your Summer Over?
I was sitting in a local tavern last week when the guy next to me said "Well, the fair is about here, so the summer's over".  I guess that was his benchmark.
For some, summer is over when the first day of school arrives.
For me, summer ends when I finally get to put the mow…