A Slip
Yesterday while I was feeding cows I slipped and fell on the ice, hitting my head.  Fortunately I wasn't hurt but if I would have been 80 it could have been worse.  I'm glad I don't walk with my hands in my pockets or I might have suffered a concussion...
Where Does Time Go?
Wow how time flies. Hard to believe this was just five months ago, now we are heading to cold and snow.  This always makes us look forward to Spring, a new year and new hope and new life. Have a great weekend.
Wrap Up Weekend
Goodbye summer. This weekend for me is mow the grass real short, roll up and put away the hoses, clean the garage, and stow all of that patio furniture that we never used all summer for one, single BBQ.
Another summer gone by without doing a bunch of the things we wanted to...
The Best Pumpkin Patches In Billings
I may not be a kid anymore but one of my favorite things about Fall is going to the local pumpkin patch and finding the perfect and festive pieces to decorate with!  I have found a few places here in Billings that fulfill my favorite Fall activities...
Is Your Summer Over?
I was sitting in a local tavern last week when the guy next to me said "Well, the fair is about here, so the summer's over".  I guess that was his benchmark.
For some, summer is over when the first day of school arrives.
For me, summer ends when I finally get to put the mow…
My First fall And It’s Not Even Winter
Last night I came bounding down the steps, carrying some bags, when I suddenly got a nice reminder about gravity. My bottom step outside of my house catches all of the runoff water, so it is often the only step that is icy. The first nine steps build your confidence, then this one takes you down...
A Few Signs Fall Has Arrived in Billings
Sitting in the Cat Country Studio each weekday afternoon give me an awesome view of our beautiful city. One thing I have noticed over the past few weeks is the gradual change of color in the city's trees.
I do believe Fall is here.
My family and I took a little drive this past Sunday and visited …
Corn Maize Added to My Yearly List of Fall Activities
The corn maze is a classic good time. I love it when my daughter has a great time just being outside. No batteries, no pixels, just good old-fashioned fun.
This was actually my first trip to Grandpa's farm, so I was surprised by the other activities...
Joliet Fall Festival This Saturday
Billings isn't exactly a huge metropolis, but it has more than 30 times the population of the town where I grew up. When I was driving through Joliet a couple of days ago, I saw signs for a Fall Festival this weekend and it brought back some great memories for me...
Fall is Falling!
When you do turn the furnace on at your house?
Is it the same time the sprinkler man comes to the house and blows out the pipes? Is it at the hint of the first snow? Or, maybe at the sight of first snow?
For Paul and I, we agree that when there is a “5” in the temperature i…

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