fast food

Fish Story
What happened to all the fast food fish places?
I know we have Red Lobster but it's not like Long John Silvers, Squire Jacks etc.  Is fish just not that popular anymore?  I always liked fish and chips but good ones are hard to find...
What Am I Missing
We got to talking fast food this morning and our favorite places to get it. I'm sort of picky/very much a creature of habit.
First of all, I'll classify my regular places. 1's are the places I go the most. 2's are not as often. and 3's are places that I don't get to ofte…
Would You Like Fries With That?
Some mornings you wake up and you’re already full of fire….today was one of those days for us.  If you missed it, yesterday several fast-food workers across the United States held a collective protest and walked out on their jobs. Their plan was noticed by a few, but most…

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