This Is It
We're ready.  It's a go for Saturday, everything is in place for the Flakes fencing party.  Thanks to everyone who has committed to getting our neighbors back on their feet again.
It's the right thing to do and you folks are the reason why Montana is the best place on ea…
Fencing Info
We have picked the date. Saturday, the 19th of August. Meet Mark at the old K-Mart in the heights. We will leave at 6 a.m. sharp and head north.
We will have all of the materials there. We just need people.
Check out our facebook page for info on how to sign up
It's gonna be a "Work hard/…
It’s A Go
Ok folks, our fencing party is August 19th.  We are going to get these ranchers back on their feet again.  Please let us know if you can work and what you can bring so we make sure we have all the supplies and tools we need.
If you are just working, that's great too...
Fence Building Party
It's really coming together. We are going to get a big crew of volunteers and go up and rebuild a fence for a ranch couple who lost quite a bit of fence in the fire.
We haven't picked a date yet, but that should be picked by early next week...
Flakes Fencing Crew
Things are coming together for our day of fencing for the fire victims up north.  Hopefully tomorrow morning we will have a date and a recipient.
Hard workers who want to help and make a difference will be needed.  We need to do this because it's the right thing to do for our…
I find it very enjoyable whenever I need a break from the real world just to head up to the hills to do some fencing.  No phone calls, no people, no traffic and only the sounds that nature and a few cows can make.  Try it sometime, you'll come back refreshed and  ready to tackle …