E S P N Sucks [Opinion]
Last week ESPN fired Curt Schilling for supporting the bill in North Carolina that protects women and children  in the restroom. ESPN took their usual stance of supporting the far left agenda versus common sense. They said they will not support that kind of bigot and racist attitude a…
Mom Fired After Taking Time Off to Give Her Son a Kidney [VIDEO]
Claudia Rendon of Pennsylvania has had a tough year. First, her mother and uncle died, then her father was diagnosed with leukemia. As if that wasn’t enough, she later discovered her son, Alex, was in need of a kidney transplant.
Doctors found she was a suitable donor match, so Rendon took time off w…
Best Buy Employee Tackles Thief, Gets Fired
Our very own Roger Kline may have saved the day when a thief tried to make good with over $1,600 in merchandise, but his instinct to tackle the sticky-fingered customer didn't save his job. In fact, it got him fired.