gas prices

Gas Prices
Gas is 50 cents higher than it was last Memorial Day and I don't think it will make one bit of difference for people who will travel this weekend.
That's why it was hard for me to believe that a national park fee increase of $35 for a family for a week would cause financial burdens on vacat…
Gas Is Up
Gas prices went up yesterday in the heights and crude oil prices went down.  That must mean the town pump is about to open and the others will have to lower theirs or lose business.  We'll see.......
Gas Should Be Lower
Oil went down again yesterday, now it is under $43 a barrel. So where is our relief at the pumps? That's a twenty percent drop since January.  Our gas in January was $2.39 a gallon. A 20% discount would put gas under $2 per gallon and we are still at $2...
Why Are Gas Prices Jumping Now?
The price of gas in the heights has been 2.29 since June.  The price of oil has fluctuated between 41 and 48 dollars per barrel with no impact on the price.
The gasoline inventories in the U.S. are at record highs.  The distance between the refineries and your favorite gas station hav…
Gas Prices in Billings Hold Steady
Average retail gasoline prices in Billings have not moved in the past week, averaging $1.71 per gallon on Sunday, according to GasBuddy's daily survey of 81 gas outlets in Billings.
Gas Prices Continue Downward Spiral in Billings
How much money do you think you have saved in recent weeks as gas prices started to plummet? More than $100: Less than $100?
Well, you will continue to save as average retail gasoline prices in Billings have fallen 8.9 cents per gallon in the past week, averaging $1...

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