3 Putting
I hate it. I mean, it's really one of the few things that makes me angry. 3 putting.
It's a mental thing. Golf course designers allowed for 2 putts on any green after arriving on the green in regulation. The first putt should be hit as close as you can get it...
Grateful For Golf
Somewhere in the summer of 1975, my grandfather took me golfing for the first time at the Anaconda Hills Golf Course in Great Falls. He would come pick me up, take me to the course, pay my greens fee and also gave me my first clubs.
I have a lot of great memories of walking through the heavy dew that…
My Blog
Well, here it is. Today's contract mandated blog will be my last dalliance with social media for this election day.
I don't think my presidential candidate is going to win. And I fear and dread the repercussions this vote will have on my financial future and the safety of the people that I …