Why I Don’t Give Money To Homeless People And What I Do Instead
Sunday morning a body was found on the sidewalk right across the street from the studios. We don't have all the facts yet as to what killed this man, but here is what is believed to be true at this point according to the Billings Gazette:

This man was likely a transient
The elements were likely a…
Random Acts Of Kindness
Wouldn't it be awesome if people did something nice for someone they didn't know once a month just because. Pardon me if I sound a little preachy or like I'm tooting my own horn here because I don't mean to, I just want to inspire action.
Last Friday night when the temperature wa…
Homeless Entrepreneurs
This morning as I was walking to work after buying my iced mocha a homeless gentleman ran me down from behind (figuratively) and when he caught up to me he asked me if I wanted to buy some sunglasses. Obviously this budding entrepreneur was not deterred by the fact my sunglasses were sitting on top …