Tax Overhaul
The president is pushing forth his plan to overhaul the IRS.  Good, it's too complicated with too many loopholes.  Just think, if Mark Zuckerberg  would have been paying the same tax as you and I, he could have paid for the entire Hurricane Harvey relief bill...
Discrimination and the IRS
The U.S. government is very serious when it comes to discrimination.
The law states that you can't discriminate based on age, race, religion, physical disabilities, marital status.etc.
The biggest violator of this policy is the U.S government...
Tax Deadline Is Almost Here!
April 15th is coming up this Monday.  Are your taxes done?  Do you know what you need if you are mailing them in?  What if you're not ready, what then?  Well, I've got a few tips that may be able to help!
Seven Ridiculous State Taxes
While doing (and paying) your taxes is the opposite of a good time, there are some taxes that are so ridiculous, they're actually kind of fun.
Well, maybe not so fun if you actually live in one of these states. Check out our list of seven ridiculous state taxes: