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Twitter Reacts to Baby North West
If you've been dying to find out what Kim Kardashian and Kanye's baby's name is, well, you can finally settle up all your office bets. Kimye went with North. That's right, their little girl's name is North West. Here's how the internet is reacting to this news...
Kimye’s Baby Escapes the Womb in Funny Conan Video
In what felt like classic Conan, last night's episode held arguably one of the funniest sketches the show has churned out since its 'Late Night' days. He unleashed a bit regarding what we hope would actually go down at the couple's ultra sound. In truth, it might not be…
The Best 2012 Celebrity Halloween Costumes
Maybe it's the $2,000 wig, maybe it's that we wound up using some really old makeup we found under the sink (thanks, Sandy), but something makes celebrity Halloween costumes seem more glamorous than ours. Here are just a few of our favorites from this year. And yes, that is Ellen DeGeneres dressed u…
Hillbilly Hollywood Hoedown [AUDIO]
Dr. Conrad Murray found guilty in the death of Michael Jackson.  And apparently 46% of doctors have used Google or Yahoo to diagnose their patients' symptoms.  Here is what we are gabbing about today...
Fletcher’s Friday Ramblings [VIDEO]
What a week.  And let me be the first to say it...I do not think we heard enough of Kim Kardashian's divorce.
Let's officially wrap up the week with what we we're gabbing out today, and my "Fletcher's Friday Ramblings".
Manly Men Making Meals
So believe it or not, today marks "National Men Make Dinner Day".  I'm curious to know ladies, if it doesn't involve tongs and a barbeque grill, what exactly can your man make?

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