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Jana Kramer, ‘Whiskey’ – Lyrics Uncovered
Jana Kramer's 'Whiskey' lyrics -- penned by songwriters Catt Gravitt and Sam Mizell -- were just too good to resist for the newcomer, who chose the song as the second single from her debut album. And as Mizell tells Taste of Country, the hit began as just a title.
Kip Moore, ‘Beer Money’ – Lyrics Uncovered
When Kip Moore sat down to write his latest hit, ‘Beer Money,’ he knew what kind of lyrics would resonate with himself to sing night after night. With the help of co-writers Blair Daly and Troy Verges, Moore is on the brink of having another chart-topping smash to follow in the…
Sara Evans, ‘Anywhere’ – Lyrics Uncovered
Sara Evans may have missed out on contributing to the ‘Anywhere’ lyrics (her latest single), but she is not complaining one bit after snagging the tune for her latest album. The soon-to-be-hit was crafted by new songwriter on the rise, Jaren Johnston and Evans’ …