mexico trip

Big Dilemma
My biggest dilemma next Monday is do I want to eat French, Italian or Mexican food first. That's about the most pressing issue you have if you go on the Flakes trip.
Hope the weather is great for all of you while we are gone. Be back soon with stories and memories from Mexico...
I’m Ready
It's time for me to recharge my batteries. I really do look forward to the Flakes trip.  Most of you don't know what my days are like and I use most of my vacations to get work done on the ranch.
It's so nice to relax for a week, no schedules, no places to be etc...
Mexico Trip Giveaway Tonight
Tonight’s the night some lucky guy or gal is going to win a trip to Mexico!  And then they get to decide who they are taking with them!  We partner with Travel Café every year (for the last 22 years) to give away a trip for two to a sunny, warm, beach destination, us…
Mexico Trip Giveaway Tonight
Ok, I feel like we tell everyone this stuff every year for 22 years & somehow people still have questions.  So, here’s some answers!

Tonight at 7pm – be at the Stadium Club if you have ever entered the Flakes Mexico Trip. You can’t register – but if you have registered before, you have to be pres…
Flakes Trip Party
Here is everything I can think to tell you about Saturday night's event.
Stadium Club in the heights. Registrations starts at 7. Opening remarks and the picking of finalists starts at 8. Get there much, much earlier than that.
Carpool if you can...
Last One
Tonight is the last stop-by for the Flakes trip.  We'll be at the Radisson from 5-7 for your last chance to get in. It's a great trip and we leave in 80 days. Don't miss out....
Mexican Cerveza
We got to talking about my favorite brands of Mexican beers this morning. I've been to Mexico 20 plus times now, so I've tried many of them.
Here's my list.
5. Tecate
4. Dos Equis
3. Corona Light
2. Sol
1. That FIRST beer I drink when I get off the plane in Cancun every year
A Free Trip To Mexico
It's what I've always called "The Last Best Prize That You Can Win On Local Radio". It's the Flakes trip to Mexico.
We are headed back to the Secrets Capri just outside of Playa Del Carmen. We've been here before and love the place.
If you win it all, you get round trip airfare for 2, hotel …
2 Spots left
Only 2 spots are left for the Flakes trip, the bad news is you can't buy them.  The good news is we may start taking qualifiers to win the most coveted trip for 2 next weeks.  You never know, maybe you will be joining us and 108 others for a trip you'll never forget...