The Superhero Movie Your Girlfriend Will Probably Want To See
My feed usually has at least one or two Jason Momoa items in it per week and the vast majority of shares and comments come from women. They don't seem to discuss his acting abilities, political stance or the other typical celebrity stuff, but rather comment on his eyes, physique and things they…
Do You Sneak Food Into The Movie Theater?
Come one..... we've all done it. Right? Or am I the only one?
Sometimes you just want snacks that aren't for sale!! For years I was obsessed with French Onion Sunchips and that's all I wanted to watch movies with... no popcorn, candy or soda...
Hallmark Has Released Their Holiday Movie LineUp
You know it's almost Halloween when we start seeing Christmas everything! But who the heck cares?! We all know that the holiday season starts when the Hallmark channel comes out with all their new movies for the season! So, grab some hot apple cider, a warm blanket and get set for October 28th …
Movies About Your Line Of Work
I've got it on a video cassette, somewhere in a box. I've also got it on DVD. Probably in the same box.
It's a movie called "FM". And it's really, really cheesy. It stars very few people that you'd recognize. The plot is extremely thin. But...
Don’t Try To Fix Stuff Unless You Know How
So last week I found this super cool vintage film projector made in the late 1940's... an "Ampro Stylist 16mm". I purchased it at St. Vincent's Thrift Store at Montana and 27th Street for just $20. I was pretty excited when I plugged it in as all the vacuum tubes lit up.

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