Does Your Vehicle Have A Name?
Growing up, my dad was a "car guy". He raced other cars from light to light. He would "open it up" on the stretch of I-15 close to Cascade, where you could see cops coming for 4 miles.
He also named most of his vehicles. His 1975 Chevy 1/2 ton with the 454 was &…
Daily Roundup: Country Stars Real Names, Kenny Chesney + More
The countdown to the Top 100 Country Songs in country music will wrap up this week, and three more legendary tracks were revealed on Monday. Find those, along with the real names of 10 country stars in today’s Daily Roundup. Also find out why one Kenny Chesney fan was thrown out of a…
Silly Pet Nicknames
I will spare you the embarrassment of having to admit that you talk to your pet in a silly voice.  C'mon, admit it.  You are guilty of that too.
Instead I'm wondering what silly nick-names that you have for your pet??
Do You Have an Old Person’s Name?
I just read this funny statistic that about 1 out of 10 parents regret the name they gave their child.  I find that odd, as you have months and months to carefully ponder and pick the name you want.  How can you goof that up?