Evening Walk
Last night I had to walk home from the field after spraying.  That was a big mistake.  The mosquitoes are awful already.
If you walk by the ditch or river or any other water source be prepared for a complete attack on your exposed skin...
No Fishing In The Yellowstone River
Even though there is technically more than a month left of summer, for many Montanans, this weekend represents the "end of summer" because school will be starting next week. No doubt there were many of us who had plans that involved fishing or floating on the Yellowstone...
Top 5 Greatest Things About Billings, Montana
#1. The people. Billings has the friendliest, most welcoming and hardest working people in the United States. The salt of the earth. Recently the battery in my car went out and even though I had AAA and didn't need their help at least 3 people stopped to help...
Camping In Montana, Where’s The Best Place?
I love to go camping.  Pure and simple.  I love the outdoors, hanging with family and friends and most of all..I love the campfire! The smell, the warmth, pretty much everything about it.  But where's the best place to go camping?
Get Into Yellowstone For Free This Weekend
Make Yellowstone Park your weekend destination! It’s free this Saturday!
The National Park Service is waiving entrance fees at all national parks on Saturday, June 9, for National Get Outdoors Day.