St. Patrick's Day

3 Kick Butt Corn Beef and Cabbage Recipes
How can you not enjoy corn beef and cabbage on St. Patrick's Day?  Might not be as hard to make as you thought.  The videos below make it really easy.
It was Irish Americans who embraced corned beef and cabbage during St. Patrick's Day...
St. Patricks Parade In Downtown Billings Was Fun But Scary
I had the great honor to drive the station van through the Downtown Billings St. Patricks Day parade. It was a blast! The crowd was huge and festive and people came decked out in green. I think my favorite costumes were the little leprechaun's who were wearing the fiery red strap-on beards...
10 Things You Didn’t Know About St. Patrick’s Day
Everyone enjoys putting on their best green clothes on March 17 and being Irish for a day. We’ve all heard there was a saint and something to do with snakes in Ireland and now we have parades and drink green beer. But what do we really know about St. Patrick’s Day?
My Saint Patty’s Day Dinner
Saint Patrick's Day is right around the corner and I am getting pretty excited. Not just because I'm Irish.  Not for the drunken bar frenzy that some might participate in.  Although there's nothing wrong with that.   However, I'm excited about my dinner. …

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