Montana Tops Nation In Fatal DUI’s
Drinking in Montana is nothing new. It's a Friday or Saturday night, we're wrapping up the week with friends while having a good time with a drink or two. That's when it's time to go home. The perfect scenario would be calling a cab or catching a ride with someone sober. The fact…
Montana’s Most Googled Question
These days when you have a question you don't go to the encyclopedia. Today we jump on Google.
It's almost funny what questions come across people's minds.
Now, thanks to Google we now know what the most popular searches are for each state...
3 Things You Need To Survive In Montana
Montana is one tough state and you better be on the stronger side if you want live here. We have tough people, a tough climate and a strong will to make things happen even when chances are slim for survival.
If you are an outsider thinking of moving here, take it from me, you better be prepared …
Cat Country Wants to Send You Strait to Vegas! [Video]
I feel so good about this flyaway that I even wrote a song to tell you about it.
That's right, Cat Pack. We want to send you to Las Vegas to see the King of Country Music, George Strait.
You and I both know that George has retired from touring the country, so if you want to catch him li…
What Is American Hoggers?
Paul and I were talking about American Hoggers this morning, this show almost defies verbal description. As the craze for reality television continues to grow, the need for different and stranger shows continues. Which explains how we have ended up with this, 'American Hoggers.'
“Dallas” Premieres Tonight!
Everybody knows this ranch!  As a teen in the 80's, I'll bet you have the same memories of family Friday nights as I do.  Dallas is on!  We all gathered around the tv for an hour to see what JR would do to Sue Ellen or Bobby, who's lying, crying, dying...
Merle Haggard Checks Out of Texas Hospital
Merle Haggard suffered a bit of a health scare over the weekend, when an illness forced him to cancel a show in Ft. Worth, Texas and sent him briefly to the hospital.
Fans of the 74-year-old country legend can rest easy, however, because he’s heading home to California, and although his spokesperson …

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