The Breakfast Flakes

The Cat Country Golf Tournament
Back when we started broadcasting in 1988, we did a lot of neat promotions and one of those was our own station golf tournament.
We'd invite advertisers to come spend an afternoon with us playing some golf and having some fun.
Top teams won some pretty good prizes and it was a great time for all.…
Just Fishin’
One of the many great "Happy Accidents" that's come along during our time here are the "Flakestrips".
We've taken 6 or 7 cruises in addition to our stays at the all inclusive resorts.
This picture was from the first time that I had ever chartered a fishing…
Whenever we did remotes, emceed concerts or any public appearance in the early years, we wore tuxes. All rented at Treasure State Formal Wear.
I will never, at any point, for any reason, ever wear a tux again.
"Hey Wilson, if you wear a tux Olivia Newton John will come to your house and sing …
Cheers to 30 Years
Thanks for a great week and bringing back great memories. Here's to the next 30. It all starts Monday at 5, see you then.........
What a great stroll down memory lane this morning. The following list isn't for you, it's for me. A roster of 30 years of working on The Cat.
Cat Country Ski Tags, gave away a 67 Thunderbird and a new 1990 Geo Storm, Banjo the Chocolate lab, JT's burlap 3 piece suit, poems at the Christmas parties, M…
Happy Anniversary
Wow what a day. Thanks for all of the great calls and posts on our 30th anniversary today. We are so humbled by the support of so many. It truly has been a great run and God willing we can continue for years to come. Thank you, you're the best...
30 Years At Cat Country
As I sit and try to think about the most important aspects, events and people that I've crossed paths with working here for 30 years, it's hard to give you the best of each, but I'll give you some of them.
Our very first GM, Keith Tilkens had a combination of business acumen combined w…
Remember This
This was our first bumper sticker 30 years ago. Join us tomorrow as we celebrate our 30th birthday and take a trip down memory lane. We should be sending all of you thank you cards for all the great years; Thank You.........
30 Years Of Cat Country
Thursday, March 1st is our 30th anniversary of being on the air in Billings. On our show that day, I'd like to hear from you folks about the memories that you have had with us.
Basketball games, Flakes Trip winners, who's won the most things from us (Kevin Brunsvold), graduation speeches...
Not If But When
With the record breaking snow we have had you know that it is going to flood. So, let's get ready now instead of waiting until the river crests. River restrictions, park closures, equipment removal all should be planned now.
It's going to be bad, for me too, so let's get ready early an…
I'm instituting a new rule at our house. No more grabbing things off the grill wearing only socks.
As I was pulling my brisket off of the Traeger on Saturday, some hot liquid escaped it's tinfoil prison and hit the top of my foot.
Dumb, I know, but educational...
Happy Birthday
Cat Country turns 30 years old this week. March 1st is the big day.
Join us this week as we reminisce about the past 30 years and talk about the remaining 22 months. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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