The Breakfast Flakes

The Truth Behind Our Recruiting Practices – The Breakfast Flakes
So on the show this morning Paul mentioned that we should really have a talk with our General Manager about our hiring practices. Paul felt like we should just go ahead and be more honest with what we are looking for, because we end up with these crazy folks anyways. Oh well, I guess that's jus…
The Flakes Talk Guyology – The Breakfast Flakes
Let's face it, Men and from Venus and Women truly are from Mars. We are on such different wave lengths that we honestly don't know how we are still managing to get through a day functioning among each other. So for today Paul and I discussed the many different and contradictory&n…
The New Frequent Flyer App, Who Cares? – The Breakfast Flakes
Let's face it folks. We've far surpassed the days of commercial flight that comedians would exaggerate upon to get a couple cheap laughs out the crowd. It's gone was past some light ribbing to an outright nightmare. The costs of traveling by commercial flight continues to grow, and ye…
Mark and Paul Go Hunting – The Breakfast Flakes
I read a small piece of news about a Laurel lawmaker who was injured during a hunting accident. That accident brought back fond memories of the time I went out to Paul's ranch to go 'hunting' with him. I shared the story on today's show.

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