Billings Woman Embezzles Nearly $400K
Q2 reports that a woman admitted Monday she stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from her Billings employer. Jennifer Thaw pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to four counts of wire fraud. There is no plea agreement in the case.
Thaw was the comptroller and office manager for J & S Recove…
Billings Crime
If you haven't heard or just choose to ignore it, crime is up in our area. It's got a lot to do with drugs and people stealing things to sell to get drugs.
Crime In Billings
I've seen a lot of posts on Facebook lately and several news stories on TV talking about vehicle thefts in Billings.
Apparently, the 90' era Hondas are pretty easy to steal.
So here's all of the things you already know. Don't leave the keys in the vehicle...
Protect Your Cat… uh, I Mean Car!
The Billings PD is saying there's been a rash of vehicle thefts. Since February 16th 11 vehicles have been ripped off. Lock your doors and park in the garage if you have one. Also, never ever leave your valuables in your car unattended. A couple of years ago when I was playing some pick up hoops my …
Billings Churches Burglarized
It was very upsetting to hear of the church burglaries in Billings.  Crime happens daily it seems like everywhere but when a crime spree hits a house of worship it just makes you think harder about a criminals thought process.  Plenty of churches have been hit over the last several