Never Too Cold For Shorts
Montanans defy the cold weather and wear shorts when they want. What does the temperature have to drop below before you will give up your summer weather gear
Missing My BBQ
I'm sorry, buddy. You KNOW how much I love spending time with you, but this snow has kept us apart.
It's not just you, either. The Treager and I haven't seen a whole lot of each other either.
So, it's just gonna be another boring dance with the stove inside tonight...
Enough Already
Ok, we set a new record. So, now can we have a little Spring, please? I'm looking forward to some sun and green grass and checking my wells again.
This weather will test your will, patience and resiliency. A sign of better times ahead starts Monday at 5...
Frozen Eggs
Friday night and into Saturday morning the low is forecast to be 16 degrees. Keep this in mind when you hide things for your Easter egg hunt. Things might get a little frosty. Wear your bunny fur gloves and earmuffs.
Outdoor Winter Activities
I saw that there was an OUTDOOR hockey tournament over the weekend held outdoors on the ice of Seeley lake. They had to push back the start time due to the temperature being 23 degrees BELOW zero earlier in the day.
The team from Helena won the tournament and the Seeley Cup...
Two Winter Driving Tips I Wish Every Montanan Followed
We've got a good amount of snow heading our way tonight and tomorrow, which will no doubt lead to some less than ideal driving conditions. I know people who have lived in Montana their whole life and still aren't great winter drivers. If everybody on the roads would do these two simple thi…
Change That Furnace Filter
It's that time of year and your furnace is going to be running a lot. My furnace guy Rob say's to change the filter every three months all year around.. Do this and you could save yourself a lot of money in the long run. Be smart change that filter...
My First fall And It’s Not Even Winter
Last night I came bounding down the steps, carrying some bags, when I suddenly got a nice reminder about gravity. My bottom step outside of my house catches all of the runoff water, so it is often the only step that is icy. The first nine steps build your confidence, then this one takes you down...

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