Sometimes love can really push you.

But over a cliff? Just a week after getting married, a woman is being charged with killing her husband by pushing him off a cliff in Glacier National Park.

So much for true love and commitment!

The story from twenty-two-year-old Jordan Graham, as she told an FBI agent, is that she and her husband, Cody Johnson, got into an argument while walking the Loop Trailhead.  So she pushed him over the edge. Sounds like someone has gone over a different kind of edge here!

Graham actually tried to cover up her wrong doing by filing a missing persons report. On July 7th she reported Johnson missing. She told officers that her husband had texted her early in the evening to say he was going for a drive with friends. She even went so far as to describe the color of the car he left in.

Then on July 11th, the “pushy” wife reported to emergency dispatchers at Glacier National Park that she had found her husband's body below a steep hiking path.

Apparently Grahams' conscience got the best of her - she later admitted to authorities that she it was she that had shoved him off a cliff during an argument while hiking. She made the statement to FBI Special Agent Steven Liss.

Kinda gives a whole new meaning of taking the plunge into marriage.