This morning, as I braved the elements for a nicotine fix, a random woman approached me and said sarcastically, "Don't let this cold weather stop you from smoking.  Stick to your guns."  I was not amused.

As smokers, we are relegated to second class status.  We are social pariahs, herded like cattle into our designated areas, only to be subjected to dirty looks and snide comments from snarky, self righteous non smokers.  Normally, I don't mind.  There is solidarity in the modern day lepper colony we call the smoking section.  Even when a non smoker pretends to cough as they walk by, solely for the purpose of being rude, I resist the urge to blow smoke in their face.  However, chastising a smoker who is struggling to feed the jones in frigid, sub zero temperatures is adding insult to injury.

I'm not asking non smokers for their pitty.  This is a habit that I chose.  And yes, I am fully aware that it's hazardous to my health.  I have no desire to smoke indoors and the last thing I want to do is to subject your preciously pure lungs to my filthy second hand smoke. I'm just encouraging non smokers save their condescending comments for a warm day.