When you work in a hotel and your job starts at 5 am, you encounter some grumpy people.  Some are hungover, some are weary business travelers and then there's some people who just hate life.

This morning, in the lobby of the Crowne Plaza Hotel where the Flakes broadcast, Mark and Paul encountered the grumpiest person they have ever seen.  Which is a bold statement because they have been working here for 25 years.

This lady was a flight attendant who clearly was not happy about working the early morning shift.  As Mark and Paul headed towards the elevators, she shot them an icy glare as if to say, "if you even so much as smile at mile, I will slap you in the face".  Seriously, she was shooting daggers.  This woman was on the warpath.

We feel sorry for the poor guys who were stuck flying out of Billings on her plane this morning.  Paul admitted that if he were a passenger on that plane, he might be tempted to jump out before facing the wrath of this angry woman.