I was born in downtown Los Angeles and have been a Ram fan since the days of Roman Gabriel even though I was barely 6 the last time he played. My boss is from Montana but spent the better part of his adult life in Seattle. So naturally he felt the need to kick a man while he's down by offering me an opportunity to bet on my team the week after Sam Bradford was lost for the season due to a torn ACL. To his credit he was willing to give me the 11.5 points they were offering at casinos in Las Vegas. However it didn't seem like enough given that most veteran football fans thought the Seahags would crush St. Louis with backup QB Kellen Clemens. Being a homer, I took the one dollar bet even though I was sure I was going to lose.

I've never won a single bet on my own team... not one. And when I don't bet on them whatever I thought was going to happen, happens and I would have won. It's a curse from the football gods. Good thing I wasn't in Las Vegas last night because I probably would have given the 11.5 points myself and took the 'Hags strictly as a business proposition. I would have had my head handed to me. Is there anything worse than having your team, a massive underdog, play well enough to win only to choke at the end of the game but still cover the spread? One frustrated fan on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Rams chat summed it up perfectly... "Hey, it was a moral victory. Maybe we will make the moral victory playoffs!"

For me, it was an actual victory accented by my one dollar win. Of course my boss couldn't just hand me the dollar... nooooo, he had to encase it in about 4 lbs. of Scotch Tape. You have to understand my boss is... how should I say it... thrifty. This is his figurative way of making me rip the money from his cold dead hands.