The Pryor Mountains, about an hour due south of Billings, have many unique qualities. It's one of few places where the Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout exist, it contains the most diverse bat habitat in Montana with 10 different species and flora and fauna unique to the region such as the Larch-Leaf Beardtongue and Cary's Penstemon which only occur in the Pryor's or the nearby Bighorn Mountains. But the most unique aspect of the Pryor Mountains is, according to native tribe folklore, that they are home to the "Little People".

The legend states that they are tribes of Pygmy's between 18 inches and 2 feet tall. Their presence is unconfirmed but according to tribal stories they are extremely fierce fighters and the reason there is no proof of their existence is that when anyone goes looking for them, they never come back.

In reality, during the 1930's, the mummified remains of a tiny person (about 14 inches tall) called "Pedro the Mountain Mummy" was discovered by prospectors digging for gold. Scientists in Casper studied the mummy and X-Rays showed it suffered a violent death suffering many broken bones in the process. Many claim it was a hoax however and in 1950 the mummy disappear leaving only photographs as evidence.

If you are planning a day trip to the Pryor Mountains to enjoy the numerous outdoor activities keep your head on a swivel just in case the Pygmy's swarm you and nibble your ankles until you turn in to the Knight that say "ni".