I had Thor cremated.

I simply had to tell you about this wonderful place that I took him.  It's called Faithful Friend Animal Memories on Allendale Road by Laurel.

I was doing okay, until I had to actually give Thor to them.  Julie, one of the most wonderful people ever, helped me so much.  I tried so hard not to cry, but handing him over was the hardest part so far.  Julie actually cares about Thor.  It's not just someone doing good business, she cares.  She stood with me, let me say a final good-bye, and as I was leaving, she gently picked up Thor, and got him ready for his final ritual.  I actually felt okay about leaving him with a stranger, because when I left, I felt like I was leaving him with a friend.

I picked him up today, and what a surprise.  She had him in a tiny little box with his name and fur on it decorated with little roses.  On the bottom, it says "Thor, friend of everybody".  She also did a paw print for me, and it is so nice.  It has his tiny little paw print and says "Thor" and there's a bow on it.  It's something you could display.  Then, in the envelope with the cremation certificate there was 1/2 a charm for a necklace or bracelet, and it says on the certificate the other half is with your friend.  Plus, she put a beautiful story about the Rainbow Bridge in there with it.  As if that weren't enough, she visited with me for awhile and was just so sweet and understanding.  Julie is truly a hero in my eyes.

Later this year, I'm having her make an urn for Thor.  Julie is a great artist.  She can do nearly anything you would ever want on an urn, and her artwork is fantastic.  I'm also going to have her make an urn for my husband, since I've had no luck finding an urn that has both the Packers and the Cardinals logo on it.  (I know, right.  Go figure!)

This was all done at a very reasonable price.  I think it's by the weight or actual size of your pet.  You'll have to ask Julie for sure.  The service alone is the reason that I will only do business with Julie.  If she ever leaves there, I'm following her.  If you ever have to go through this kind of loss, I highly recommend taking your pet to Julie.  She will treat your friend as well as she would if it were hers.  I absolutely guarantee it.