We hear it all the time.  The same people who complain about the lack of quality concerts in Billings are usually the first to gripe when the tickets are too expensive.  We just got the ticket prices for the Tim McGraw concert in July and they're actually reasonable.

The cheap seats are only $25.  We're not sure how many of those they have, or what the damage is after all of the fees, but that's not bad.  The next level of ticket prices is $39.75 and the good seats will set you back $60.  All things considered, those are decent prices for a big name artist like Tim McGraw.

Tickets go on sale Friday morning at 10 am at the Metra Park box office. Of course, they're free if you win 'em from us.  And we'll have you chance to beat the box office all week long with the Flakes in the morning and Andy West in the afternoon.