We got word of a Missoula County report about a juvenile who was pointing a pistol at people. He is now in custody….thank God!

According to the article from the Billings Gazette, the kid in question is being detained on suspicion of pointing a pistol at the occupants of a vehicle and then firing a few shots in the air near Big Sky High School in Missoula.

You can bet this kid is in big trouble!

Sgt. Jeremiah Peterson says the boy faces felony charges of negligent endangerment and assault with a weapon that will be heard in Youth Court.

The good news is that no one was injured by this son of a loser.

Since the boy is a minor, we can’t pass along his name to shame him even more. But once the investigation is released we hope everyone knows it.Our hope is that Mom and Dad are not as big a loser as this kid. We hope they double team this kid  when kicking his butt!