Name: Tucker

Say hello to Tucker, he's a 10 week old puppy and our Adoptable Pet of The Week!

Tucker is a 10 week old puppy that's very excited about to find his Forever Home. His siblings have been adopted and so has his Mother. Tucker is of course everything we love about puppies. His fur is soft, he fits in your arms, and he makes every woman in a 50 yard vicinity go "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh". But don' let his small stature fool you, taking one look at this little guys feet and we're guessing he's going to grow to about 90 pounds.

Breed: Shepherd / Lab / Husky 

Spayed / Neutered: Yes 

Microchipped: Yes

Adoption Fee: $275.00*

Tucker comes to us from our friends at Help For Homeless Pets a local Billings "No Kill" Animal Rescue. He's already learning to alert humans when he needs to go outside thanks to the efforts of his foster family. Of course he's usually ready to go about 5:00am, so if you're looking for a puppy with a built in alarm clock than look no further!

Who do I contact to adopt Tucker? 

Help For Homeless Pets

2910 Hannon Road

Billings, Montana 59101

Phone: (406) 896-1700

Official Website:

*Adoption Fees go directly to pay for the costs of maintaining the facility, food, and medical expenses for all of the animal residents of  Help For Homeless Pets. The shelter operates solely on the generous donations of the local Billings Community.