Uh-oh.  Guess what day it is?  Huh?  Anybody?  That's right, it's another Weird Wednesday on the Breakfast Flakes.

Today, Mark and Paul invited listeners to call in with their "Rap Names".  Among the best: a gal whose hip-hop moniker is "Saran Wrap", "Snickers" (as opposed to M+M's), and a woman whose high school janitor called her "144" because her last name was "Gross".  Luckily for Ms. Gross, when she started calling that janitor "Wheezy" because of his hacking cough, her nickname didn't last much longer.  Thanks to everyone who played along.  The Flakes will be rewarding the most creative rap names with free tickets for the NILE Rodeo.

As for Mark and Paul, according the website www.myrapname.com, Mark's hip hop alias is "Special M Marky Styles".  And Paul is sure to command respect on the streets when he adopts the pseudonym "Outlaw Paulie Piles".  Straight outta Billings.