Technology has come along way in the last 30 years!  Today’s kids don’t wear watches,  write in cursive and will never know the joy of rewinding a cassette tape with a pencil!

TIME took a look at other bygone experiences that today’s kids will miss.

  • Camera film- Gone are the days of hearing the film rewind into it’s casing, transporting it to a photo lab and waiting days to see them.  Today’s cameras are an endless blank slate where the number of shots you can take is limitless and they’re available immediately!
  • Landline phones-  Cell phones have replaced them.  In fact, I got rid of mine a couple of years ago because only telemarketers called.  The Pew Research center found out that 41% “Millenials” don’t have landline phones.
  • Real Books-  More and more people are reading ebooks, with sales of electronic editions besting hardcovers for the first time this summer.  Not to mention Encyclopedia Britannica is ceasing production of it’s multi-volume sets.
  • Being lost- The days of asking for directions are gone.  Countless smart phone apps utilize GPS technology to pinpoint your location and get you to your destination.
  • Music Videos on MTV- Remember when MTV played music videos?  It all began with the Buggles,  now it’s Snooki!  M used to stand for musi,c but company officials had it removed from it’s name in February.
  • Walkmans-  The portable version for cassettes! I actually still have mine!  On that note, lets go one step further….how about albums and 8-tracks?  I still have an unopened copy of Bryan Adam’s Reckless on 8-track and a player too!
  • Tan M&M’s- Yes,  there were once 2 shades of brown M&M’s!  I remember them!   In was in 1995 that Mars candy company to decided to replace the lighter shade with blue!
  • The glory days of Nick at Nite- Used to be you would find the classics on late at night on Nickelodeon, such, as the Mary Tyler Moore Show, I Dream of Jeannie, Happy Days, The Brady Bunch and more.  Now more contemporary shows fill the time slots.

What other things will today’s kids miss out on?  Tell us in our survey!