Normally it's Paul that gets riled up about this sort of thing, but today Mark went on a rant about the proposed expansion at the Yellowstone Country Jail.  New estimates have revealed additional costs for the project and the county has yet to outline exactly how they plan to pay for it.

You know why Mark hasn't expanded his house lately?  Because he can't afford it. Sure, he wanted to put that big swimming pool in his back yard.  But if you don't have the money, you don't do it.

And keep in mind this is a jail.  It's not supposed to be a country club.  And cots are a lot cheaper than buildings.  Sure, prisoners have rights, but there is nothing inhumane about the way our prisoners are treated.

After helping pay for a ballpark and a library, Mark is sick and tired of spending his own money on things we don't need. We're tired of paying for everything.