Does this happen to you? You have high expectations for something, whether it’s a movie, a concert or some other type of event and then when it comes around it falls flat.

Such was not the case with my first experience with the Billings Farmer’s Market. Just the opposite. I was so amazed at the selection of fresh fruits, flowers and vegetables. Simply wonderful.

This is not an endorsement for the Market, but put it on your radar to come downtown in the next 11 weeks on a Saturday morning and spend some time at the Point. I would say visit the market first before doing your grocery shopping. Chances are good that you’ll fill your bag with lots of fresh produce and save some cash.

One of the things I am on the hunt for is a poster or advertisement of the Farmer’s Market. Throughout the years, my wife and I have collected them from various markets we’ve attended. If anyone knows of where I could find one – shoot me a note.

And see you this weekend at 8 in downtown Billings.