I was talking about this earlier on the show this morning. I was driving to work this morning, through the Heights, and my mind starting thinking about Pawn Shops.

Not because I have something to sell, or need a loan. Although my girlfriend might disagree on that.

What got me thinking about Pawn Shops, were the cars that I saw lined up next to the building that people had pawned. There were about a half dozen of them beside the building, including an old station wagon.

Remember those?

The station wagon was around long before the minivan or the SUV. Most of them had enough space to fit a family of 6 comfortably in a trip across the states. And the beauty of a station wagon is you could pack the Coleman with drinks and sandwiches and put it in the way back, so you never had to stop.

I wonder what a guy could pick-up a station wagon for at a pawn shop. Maybe I’ll do some investigating. The next thing I noticed was the actually demise of Pawn shops. When I got into the studio I thumbed through the phone book we have and found out that most of the shops listed had gone out of business.

So hats off to the survivors I saw this morning – the Pawn shop in the heights and that fake wood paneled station wagon.