I am probably the proudest mother out there right now(not including other mother's of course!).  My son's team is doing fantastic in National Heights Little League Baseball!

We had our "technical" last scheduled game last night.  "Wow" is all I've got to say!  I have to admit that I did show up about 20 minutes late(I had to go home and change) but was still there for the action.  Actually, I showed up right when my son was up to bat(pretty good timing really).

He did good but hit a pop fly ball that was caught, unfortunately. However, their team was still doing fantastic!   As I sat there and watched the game, I still had a hard time believing that these little 9 and 10 year olds worked together as well as they did and do.

As I watched the game and its players, I saw one of our boys hit an "inside the park" homerun that brought his own self home.  I also saw my son run across homeplate for the win!  I was yelling my head off!

Tara Nicole

They had an amazing game that ended up with a 19-4 final score.  They "Mercy Ruled" them.  Which means that they beat the other team by more than 15 runs by the 4th inning.  I thought the other team still did a great job and handled the loss well.  I was proud of their team as well, as weird as it sounds.  They never quit, never gave up and had a pretty darn good attitude in the face of the loss.  That is always to be respected.

That being said...Go Team Fuddruckers!  They have a 15-1 record on the season! They have their Tournament of Champions this weekend and I am a bundle of nerves to see where this all goes.  I only hope they win and lose with the all of the class that they've shown so far!