Living Downtown
I guess I'm doing a little poll today. Would living in downtown Billings interest you.
Let's assume that your residence downtown would have some off street parking, so you wouldn't have to worry about competing for parking spaces.
I'd also like to hear everybodys pro and cons...
Radio Shack
Radio Shack on grand has announced it is closing its doors. Makes you wonder how many small businesses will close now that people are buying more online. Soon you will never have to leave your home for anything, you'll be able to download everything you need...
Billings Residents Face Utah Murder Charge
Q2 reports two longtime Billings residents, charged in Utah with the murder of their daughter, have been ordered to stand trial. 26-year-old Miller Costello and his 23-year-old wife, Brenda, were ordered Friday by an Ogden, Utah judge to stand trial on a charge of aggravated murder in the 2017 abuse…
What’s Your ‘I Quit’ Story?
Have you ever watched one of those videos where someone is sick of their job so they quit in a unique way and video it? Some of them get pretty creative with how they 'burn their bridge' with the employer they seem to hate so much.
Do You Know A Social Media Fanatic?
It's no secret that social media has been and continues to take over a lot of people's lives. I am firm believer that it can only take over as much as we allow it to. For some though, control seems to be out of control...
How Do You Remember?
I am one of those people that can remember a face but when it comes to a person's name I struggle big time. I get embarrassed by this fact and it bothers me when I can't remember.
Who’s The Coolest Person You’ve Met?
There are times in our lives when we come across some really cool people. Sometimes they're a celebrity, a family member or maybe even someone standing randomly in a grocery line. Whatever the case may be, they touch our inner core and in some cases, change our lives.

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