The Cost Of A Visit
I'm glad when a President gets to come to town, but when it is a campaign visit I believe the Campaign beneficiary should pay for the cost of security. I don't care if it comes directly from the DNC or the RNC or any C, the taxpayers should not be stuck with the bill...
As bad as the smoke can get this time of year, it sure brings some peace at the end of a busy harvest day with beautiful sunsets.
What If We Built Billings Now?
The majority of American cities and towns are located where they are due to their close proximity to water and/or railroads. But, let's pretend that we were all just given this land where we live now, and it had nothing on it anywhere and we would get to place all of the buildings and even add …
When I was leaving the hotel parking lot the other day some people were out on the sidewalk smoking talking about how awful the smoke was getting. Go figure. I wonder if it bothers them?
Weird Weather
I don't know what's up but I have a bad feeling about the next two days. It was weird this morning with all kind of swirling winds and temperature fluctuations. It was 92 degrees at 4:45 this morning on First Ave. Crazy! Keep your guard up...
A Special Place
Billings is a special place. Every time we ask for help for someone or some project to help others, the support is overwhelming. This morning we raised enough money to give a young man his life back with a custom fit wheelchair. Insurance denied it, but Billings residents did not...

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