According to the Brick Institute of America (who knew there was such a thing) the Cat Country studios are in the penthouse of the tallest load-bearing brick building in the world... The Crowne Plaza in downtown Billings. What that means is there is no other supporting structure other than the approximately 2.3 million bricks used in raising this tower from the earth. At 245 feet tall this is the 2nd highest structure in the Magic City. We have an awesome view and responsive landlords but there is a downside... it's pretty shaky up here!

First off, whenever the lightest breeze rolls through town (and of course Billings is known for its light breezes... not) all the windows and window frames start creaking because whenever you're at the top of a high-rise building the top floor always moves the most during windy weather and earthquakes. Second, there is a huge generator serving the top floors of the building. I learned this little fact about a month ago when I thought we were having an earthquake and my office was shaking. Ironically and coincidentally the elevators weren't working (which added to my stress level) and I walked down all 22 flights of stairs. Half an hour later the building was still standing and I went back to work. This is a nice place to visit Monday-Friday but I wouldn't want to live here.