This morning, Q2 Meteorologist Bob McGuire called in to talk about yesterday's record breaking winds.  The strongest gust at the Billings Logan International Airport was measured at 67 mph, good enough to break the existing record which was set back in 2009.

Here at the Cat Country studios, it literally felt like we were having an earthquake as the winds rattled the entire 23rd floor of the Crowne Plaza building.  One of our corporate sales gurus from California was in town and got so freaked out by the building shaking that she almost had to leave.

The winds were even worse in the outlying areas.  Up at Logan Pass, they had an incredible 116 mph gust.  Choteau also joined the 100 club with 103 mph winds.  Big Timber had several gust well over 70 mph.

As for that dusting of snow Billings had last night, it dumped between 12 and 16 inches near Red Lodge after the storm system settled right at the foot of the Beartooth Mountains. Luckily, the winds are expected to calm down today.  However, some of that snow that dumped a foot on Red Lodge is headed our way.