Billings Icy Parking Lots
My wife and her friend went to a store and when they got out the thier vehicle, they just about fell because the ice was so slick in the parking lot. They weren't the only ones either. As they watched other people trying to walk through the lot, there were a lot of people that could barely stay…
Struggling With Montana Snow?
Since I have been back in Montana, the family and I have been staying at our friends house in Roundup which is nestled very quietly in the Bull Mountains. While I love being up there, I have struggled with one thing...getting to work.
The past few days have proved to be a bit of a challenge with all …
Come On Mr. Groundhog!
Dear Mr. Groundhog,
Every year on Groundhog's Day I get that most hopeful of feelings that things will work out and we can immediately go into spring.
Just once I want this to work out for the positive but I doubt it ever will.
Just this past weekend the family and I were driving on Governor'…
Thank You Billings Drivers
No doubt we received a big winter storm. Roads are nasty and wrecks were abundant. School closures and strange things happened.
Through it all, I witnessed something really cool and I am not talking about the snow. People helping people...
Keeping Pets Warm
No doubt it is very cold in Billings rights now and I can't help but think that there is a dog somewhere that is outside shivering.
I know, they have fur. However, even with fur, conditions can be bad when you're stuck on a chain with no shelter all day and night...
How Do You Tell It’s Fall?
We have been on a roller coaster with the weather lately. From hot to cold to warm to hot get the idea.
We had another nice change in the weather today as you can see with the picture above. Rain which made for some pretty decent puddles in some of the streets around town...
Beat The Heat Billings!
Checking out the forecast and it looks like it's going to continue to be hot for at least the first part of the week.
With MontanaFair going on I am sure there will be a number of people that will deal with heat exhaustion or even heatstroke...
What Do You Do To Stay Cool In Billings?
Hot, hot hot! Temps have definitely been in the high range lately and staying cool can be quite the challenge when resources aren't readily available.
I have a friend that is an AC installer/repair man in Billings. He called me the other day after he wrapped up work...

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