Never Too Cold For Shorts
Montanans defy the cold weather and wear shorts when they want. What does the temperature have to drop below before you will give up your summer weather gear
Is Winter Refusing To Leave?
Just when it turns sunny and warms up, it turns right around and slams us again. It's almost like Mother Nature keeps hitting the snooze button on the Spring alarm.
Billings Icy Parking Lots
My wife and her friend went to a store and when they got out the thier vehicle, they just about fell because the ice was so slick in the parking lot. They weren't the only ones either. As they watched other people trying to walk through the lot, there were a lot of people that could barely stay…
Struggling With Montana Snow?
Since I have been back in Montana, the family and I have been staying at our friends house in Roundup which is nestled very quietly in the Bull Mountains. While I love being up there, I have struggled with one thing...getting to work.
The past few days have proved to be a bit of a challenge with all …
Come On Mr. Groundhog!
Dear Mr. Groundhog,
Every year on Groundhog's Day I get that most hopeful of feelings that things will work out and we can immediately go into spring.
Just once I want this to work out for the positive but I doubt it ever will.
Just this past weekend the family and I were driving on Governor'…

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