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Kudos to Billings’ Winter Drivers
No doubt we received a big winter storm. Roads were nasty and wrecks were abundant. School closures and strange things happened. A light pole even fell across the road at Monad and Shiloh which caused a wreck.
Through it all, I witnessed something really cool and I am not talking about the snow...
What Should Billings’ Slogan Be?
As we all know, Montana is the Treasure State and Billings is the Magic City. Nearly everywhere has a special moniker and slogan. Here's a list of the top slogans and monikers for the country.
Even Virginia City, Montana has it's own slogan...
Home for the Holidays with Tim McGraw
We've already made it through Thanksgiving and now Christmas is coming. There are so many people that live far away from family and friends and won't be able to spend the holidays with them. It can be one of the most loneliest times for a person when this happens...
Where’s The Best Lights in Billings?
This will be my family's first Christmas in Billings and we've already seen some pretty cool things. The Christmas Spirit is something that we value in our house no matter where we are and it is definitely in this town.
The kindness that we have received from many of you has made us feel ri…
Toast the Holidays With the New MSTY App — and a Song
Hey Cat Pack! We're ready to hook you up again in a very fun way. Have you tried the the MSTY App? It free and easy to use, not to mention it's FUN! Download MSTY now and get ready to win just in time for Christmas.
Once you have MSTY, send us a message of your most creative "Show …
5 Places in Billings to Get Live Christmas Trees
After spending some good quality time with my loved ones on Thanksgiving, I thought it would be nice to grab the boys, give mama a break and go around town checking out Christmas tree lots.
I have to say that I was very impressed with the quality of trees I found...
We’re Over Stuffin’ On This Ride Home
Only 2 days away from turkey day and we here at the Cat are extremely excited and thankful for this day to arrive. It will be an over fill like no other come Thursday.
What happens though when we over eat? I'll tell you and I want to know about your worst over eating experience...
Thank You Cat Pack for Making My Day
The last couple of days have been kind of rough. We learned yesterday morning the one of our former colleagues here in Billings had died. The feeling of the loss of his life has been a hard thing for me personally to deal with and he will be missed...
What is Billings Obsessed With?
I guess you could say that I am still fairly new to town but I'm quickly learning my way around. If you find me asking questions, it's because I am wanting to know all I can about the Magic City as I plan to live here for a very long time and make this my home...
Keeping Smiles Bright in Billings
Don't have dental insurance or can't afford to just go to the dentist?
The 9th District Dental Society is giving thanks and giving back to Billings with a Free Dental Clinic this Friday, November 20th at four locations for your convenience.

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