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Quit Messing Around with Time [Opinion]
The time change is outdated.
Back in the 70s we heard all this crap about saving energy, more daylight later is better than more daylight earlier. Who said?
People in Montana are early risers. I would much rather have it dark at night when I go to bed than dark at 7 a...
Billings Firefighters Do City Proud in Seattle [VIDEOS]
Our hats are off to our friends at Billings' Fire Department and Billings' Airport Fire for a job well done in Seattle.
A crew of 13 firefighters between the two departments recently competed for a good cause. They participated in the Scott Firefighter Stairclimb in support of fighting…
Montana Lives Matter
Montana is not immune to drug problems. Even the drug problems that can be found in most household bathrooms.
There are more and more people that are taking prescription drugs from family and/or friends or anywhere and using them as recreational drugs...
Gas Prices in Billings Hold Steady
Average retail gasoline prices in Billings have not moved in the past week, averaging $1.71 per gallon on Sunday, according to GasBuddy's daily survey of 81 gas outlets in Billings.
Why is Billings Called the Magic City?
Since I moved to town and discovered that Billings is called the Magic City, I have wondered what is behind that name. I can sit back and name a few things that I think make this name an appropriate one but what does Google say?
A friend of mine told me to go incognito on Google and search this...

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