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Should Billings’ School Buses Have Seat Belts?
I saw it again, so I am going to bring it up again.
I was driving around last week when we saw a school bus and noticed something that didn't seem right.
The bus was making a left hand turn from Main Street onto Aronson Avenue, where we had just come from...
Montana In 1939
One thing that I love most is history. One of my favorite things about history is seeing the place where I live in old-time photos.
How Old is Cat Country in Dog Years?
If a dog named Spike was born on the same day as Cat Country was born, Spike would be 210 years old today!   Cat Country is 210 dog-years old today – that’s 30 human years!  Cat Country 102.9 turned on the microphone and started broadcasting over the airwaves on …
The ‘Call for Kids’ Radiothon Is On NOW!
The ‘Call for Kids’ Radiothon Is On NOW! We're teaming up with St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation to present the annual Call for Kids Radiothon to benefit St. Vincent Children's Healthcare. It all started this morning and runs until 7 p.m. Make sure you're listening to he…

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