Part of my Saturday routine is to walk from my loft apartment on Montana Avenue to my favorite local coffee roasting company downtown to get my iced mocha. On the way though I always make a couple of pit stops at St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store at the corner of Montana and 27th st. and the Montana Rescue Mission thrift store on Minnesota ave. and Broadway. I'm always looking for something funky or a cool piece of mid-century modern furniture that will work well in the décor of my loft apartment.

Above is a pic of my latest find which is a 1990 Rand McNally globe. Globes are slowly getting to be the hot new collector items because they are living history and that because of constant geo-political change certain ones are rare. The particular globe I've narrowed down to 1990 partly because of the appearance of the nation of Benin and the fact that the Soviet Union is still on the map (the U.S.S.R. dissolved in 1991).