Now let me qualify my headline a little by saying that when I say "great" we're not talking 3 Michelin stars or the cuisine of Eric Ripert. We're talking about great street vendor and/or fair type food. I was most impressed by the diversity of the international spectrum of culinary offerings... much more so than you can actually find in Billings.

Walking around I sampled amazing crepes (French), kebabs (Middle Eastern), stir fry (Asian), funnel cakes (Amish... ok, maybe dutch) and yes, even the fried Oreos pictured above (Canada... OK, I made that up). So you might ask yourself, if Billings is lacking in international cuisine then how is it the Strawberry festival offered such diversity. Good question with a peculiar answer... a lot of the food served came from catering companies that don't have restaurants in the area. Now I'm no restauranteur and I won't pretend to know how to form a culinary business plan but as a foodie let me just say that if you're one of the aforementioned vendors that Billings needs you to open a real restaurant. Few American cities are as lacking in diversity as Billings and it's best reflected in our food. We definitely have the best steaks on the planet here in Montana but this man cannot live on steak alone.