I have made a big deal about some of the great finds to be had at thrift stores in Billings. Last Friday I wandered in to the St. Vincent De Paul thrift store on the corner of Montana and 27th during my lunch hour. I did so because I knew I'd be out of town over the weekend and didn't want to miss anything cool.

I'm glad I did because I found the Coleman dual burner camp stove manufactured between 1965 and 1969. I know this because it's model number is 413G. I bought it for just 10 bucks. As soon as I brought it home I checked Ebay to see what it was worth and the answer is.... about 10 bucks. Of course I avoided the shipping and as a bonus (I didn't realize it until I arrived home later on Friday night) it had half a tank of fuel. Yep, they sold it with fuel still in a used camp stove. So like a bonehead I took it out on the patio to see if it would light without concern for the dangers of lighting a kerosene stove with old fuel in it. Fortunately for me it lit right up and worked like a champ. Coleman makes some great stuff that lasts and I still have the hair on the back of my knuckles!